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From: lance lansdale
Subject: EastSiders 5 & 6All charactors/events are (c) BBC and BBC America.Episode 5
Beppe smiled at Jamie. They had spent the night togeter. They didn't screw,
just slept [as in sleeping - snoring, not sleeping - cumming]. Jamie was
still sleeping, but Beppe had a meeting that morning with Billy. young porn post Beppe got
up, his bare ass showing. Jamie moved a little, stretched, and moaned. "Oy,
where ya going Bepps?" He asked. Beppe turned around and smiled."I have a meeting with free young mpg your uncle Mister." He said to Jamie. "Now go to
sleep, I'll be home around 10 AM." He said. Jamie looked at the clock. His
vision was still a bit the younge divas
blurry. "It's 5 AM, Jamie" Beppe told Jamie. "Oh,
and Sonia called last night. Said there was some big news youngest bbw to tell you."
Jamie nodded, and went back to sleep. Beppe showered, got dressed and was
off.Beppe walked into E 20 and saw Billy sitting their, all bruised up. Beppe
walked over to him. "Have a good night?" He asked. Billy ignored
him. "Look, I know it was wrong of me to get you beaten up, and I'm
sorry. Forgive me?" He asked. Billy nodded."So, You're fucking my nephew?" He asked. Beppe shook his head."No, we're, uh. I mean, we're sort of, ya know. No, wait, what are we?" He
asked himself."I think the term is same sexed partners." Billy said. Beppe rolled his
eyes."No, I hate that term, Partners. Makes it sound like a youngest cuties fuck fucking law firm. I
prefer sexually challenged mutha fuckers." He said. Billy smiled at
Beppe. Billy got up and walked to him."Well, I have a hot breakfast date with my puppy." He said laughing. "Plus,
I have to let her out, or she'll piss all over the place." Billy said. He
left. Beppe did some paper work.He looked up at the clock. "Oh shit." Beppe said to Lisa, who was going
through files of Mel's that she hadn't taken care of getting rid of. The
police were after her, but they would never know she was in America by now."What is it Beppe?" Lisa asked."It's 2:30, I was supposed to be home almost 5 hours ago, Jamie's gonna
kill me." Lisa looked up."You'e fucking Jamie, no, you can't!!!" Lisa demanded."Why?" He asked."Because Sonia's pregnant with his baby." She slapped her mouth. "Oh shit,
no one's supposed to know that." She said. "Don't tell Jamie, please." She
said to Beppe. Beppe ignored her and ran out of E 20.
Episode Six
I'm, I'm...." Jamie said dumbfoundadly to Sonia."We're gonna have a baby J." She said. Jamie started crying. "Oh, your
happy, eh?" She asked smiling."No you stupid bitch. I cam here to dump your ass." He said. Sonai looked
at him. "I'm gay Sonia, and Me and Beppe are, well, we're a, no, I wouldn't
say we're a couple. We are more like, well I don't know, but I really like
him. But..." He said smiling at Sonia. "I'm gonna be a Daddy." She smiled."Well, thanks for not making me break up with you first." She said."Oy, what?" Jamie asked."Well, I met this boy at college. He is so cute, and I have been dating him
for a while." She said."So the baby may not be mine?" He asked sadly."No, no, She's yours. We havent messed around yet." She said."She?" Jamie asked. Sonia smiled. "I'm having a daughter? Oh wow." He said
enthusiasticly.-----------Ok, so, that was episodes 5 Insure young drivers
and six. Hopefully you liked it. Well, in the
show Sonia got checked and was not pregnant, but in this show, she is. And
the season finalee is about the birth. It will be in 7 months, as she is
now 2 months pregnant. Visit the sites for more
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